Of Handwaves and Compasses

Dyson's Dodecahedron

I’ve been working on a “more traditional” regional fantasy map than my more recent exaggerated hex maps. In my typical idiom, I didn’t want to include a scale – but it really felt like one was required in the header text… Thus we have it on paper finally: 1 Hex = 1 Handwave.

But I’ve also been told I need a compass rose to make it a “real map”, and of course I don’t want to make it any more “useful” than my scale marker. So with a bit of help from Andy Solberg, we have my new compass rose directions: Jaleward, Ulfire, Dolmways and Outlying – typically shortened to Jale, Ulfire, Dolm, and Out.

And for extra usefulness, I’ll make sure that the compass is always put on the map on some weird angle. Maybe swap a few of the directions around too.

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