DM Screen Add-On: Primeval Awareness/Divine Sense


I can’t remember how many times I’ve asked my players to repeat the list of creatures they’re trying to sense with the Ranger’s Primeval Awareness feature or the Paladin’s Divine Sense feature. So, I do what I do with things I always constantly reference: I stuck it on my DM screen. Now I’m sharing it with you.

DM Screen Add-On - Primeval Awareness and Divine Sense

I also made a few different versions.

Since you might not be running for a Ranger and a Paladin, here’s each individually:

Also, you might not care about the details of the spell so much as just knowing what creatures they sense. Here’s a chart for that:

Primeval Awareness & Divine Sense Quick ChartThat’s all for today! For other DM screen add-ons, check out the simple trap system, the conditions by effect chart, and the player’s side to the DM screen. If you found any of these helpful, please consider supporting the site on the ThinkDM…

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