Shadows of the Ruinous Powers – Session 23

Dyson's Dodecahedron

(Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules.)

Session 23

Death on the Reik

  • Martin [Explorer]
  • Wilfried [Fence]
  • Larry [Mercenary]
  • Othmar [Charlatan]
  • Wilhelm [Wizard]
  • Gottlieb [Bounty Hunter]

The trip back down to Unterbaum and Kemperbad started somberly as the group assessed their options, the grave state of a few of them, and the death of their guide. Once they were back in their canoes, the fevers began taking hold of Wilfried and Martin – the wounds of the ratmen quickly becoming infected and debilitating.

Early on the second day, with the fevers now dangerously high, the group overtook a solitary huntress walking along the riverbank. Emmaretta joined them in their canoes, seeking the fastest passage she could manage to Kemperbad where she had to bail her brother out of…

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