A Look at the DualSense, the PlayStation 5’s Controller

3rd World Geeks

It’s kind of weird that we’re getting a first look at the controller for the PlayStation 5 but not the actual system. We did get a very long video of how powerful the console is going to be but no official word on its aesthetic appearance. Maybe it’s a part of Sony’s marketing plan or just a smokescreen to make gamers forget about the original gaudy “giant V” design. My colleague makes an argument that it’s a more functional form factor but it’s not very nice to look at, no matter how you slice it.

But let’s ignore that we haven’t actually seen the PlayStation 5 yet and focus on what we have seen, which is the DualSense, the name for the PlayStation 5 controller.

If it weren’t for the blue light, I could swear this was a black and white picture.

The first thing that does grab your…

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