Lost in (Shorthand) translation


Shintar has a post about the kind of shorthand used in global chat channels to gather or organise players for public content. It’s something I’ve seen in many different MMORPGs over the years.

Some shorthand is easier to understand than others for the unitiated. I know the dungeons in World of Warcraft very well, since I’ve played them all in static dungeon groups for years. So if I see people advertising in Global or LFG channels for an abbreviated dungeon (e.g. DM or VH), I instantly know what that means. In Everquest 2, as pictured above, I’m unlikely to know what the dungeon is that quickly as I’ve only done solo versions of the more recent ones. PQ for Public Quest is easy enough to understand, though, not that I necessarily have a clue where to go for it unless the message is particularly wordy or precise.

Gamers tend to…

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