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This session had two fights. Last (opening) session saw only tricks and traps.

This is a D&D session recap. There will be spoilers. Obviously.

Last time: WHITE PLUME MOUNTAIN: Session 1

The Unboiled Crab

2020-4-6 b The party left off last at the sequential valve doors.

After a fair bit of party hand-wringing over whether the metal valve doors might shut of their own accord, Orgrush tied himself on a rope line, and jammed spikes into each door. He then opened the third valve door.

2020-4-20aa Beyond was a room formed by the stone shelf — protected from the surrounding volcanic boiling water by a magical bubble membrane. A chest could be seen at the far end. As well as the guardian giant crab.

The party mistrusted the protective membrane immediately, and feared damaging it with errant weapon attacks.

The crab and the party regarded each other for a time. Then Sir Valler…

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