Four favourite game series


Apparently there’s a tweet doing the rounds about five favourite game series, as I read over at Time to Loot’s blog post response. It’s an interesting topic to read about, but not one I can easily answer in the spirit of other answers. I have not, for many years now, played series of games on any platform. I play a wide variety of MMORPGs on PC, but beyond that much keeps my interest for more than a few tries.  I have a tiny Steam library compared to some of the other bloggers I read. Looking at the games I play there are a few ‘brands’ that stick out though, so here’s my list.

Dungeons & Dragons

Definitely not a series of games at present, but the inspiration for many games over three decades. I play both D&D flavoured MMORPGs at the moment, Neverwinter with my husband, and Dungeons & Dragons…

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