3 Way to Improvise as a DM in D&D

The Nerdd

One of the first tips you’ll receive when asking for advice on being a Dungeon Master (or Game Master for other TtRPGs) is to improv. However, what does it mean to improvise? Well, in my experience, there are three different ways to improvise when it comes to DMing. I’ll start with the simplest way that you have to do, no matter what, and go into more complex ways as we continue.

Responding to Players

It doesn’t matter how much you prepare a session, or if the adventure is a pre-written module made by professionals. Your players will ask/do something that you can’t possibly prepare for.

Trying to find the culprit of a crime? Your druid might Speak with Plants and ask the bushes who they saw. No where will you find information on what that bush saw, or what it will say.

If you find a market, your players might…

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