Interactive objects in dungeons are great #Blapril2020


I’ve written before about interactive objects in MMORPGs, a feature I wish more games made use of to a greater extent. Dungeons & Dragons Online has so many different ways in which your characters can interact with the environment, whether through collectable objective-related things, dungeon progression objects such as traps and levers or just loot giving objects such as the barrels, crates and chests.

Our trio of adventurers have recently made a first foray into Ravenloft Castle in DDO, and the castle instance is crammed with interactive objects and NPCs, alongside the many fights and a rather maze-like multi-levelled layout. It’s a masterful piece of dungeon design.

I should have taken that level of bard…

Instances that only consist of pretty backgrounds, trash packs and boss fights are a wasted opportunity to give players a richer play experience. Having things to look for other than just the red name of…

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