D&D Wrath of the Immortals: The Geography of Mystara’s Cataclysm

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Wrath of the Immortals (1992) is one of the lesser-known core D&D box sets, I’d reckon. It was published as an integral part of Dungeons & Dragons’ short-lived “Challenger Series” phase, the most familiar being the D&D Rules Cyclopedia (1991).

Immortals set & WotI Wrath of the Immortals was the successor to the capstone of the beloved BECMI D&D series, the Immortals box set

Rules Cyclopedia and WotI D&D Rules Cyclopedia hardcover and WotI together replaced the 5 BECMI D&D box sets

WotI’s first book (“Codex of the Immortals”) replaces the Immortal Rules (1986), updating the way Immortals are treated in the D&D game (their powers, hierarchy, interaction with mortals, etc.) and includes a section of Artifacts, as well as some new monsters. The second booklet, The “Immortal’s Fury”, is a campaign saga which redefines the World of Mystara over the years AC1004 to AC 1009.

This wasn’t a simple replacement of course. TSR – and to be…

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