Sticking to dungeon roles #Blapril2020


Over the last few months I’ve been running a whole lot of dungeons in World of Warcraft Classic and Retail and in Dungeons & Dragons Online. Most MMORPGs use the trinity system or some precursor or variant thereof. In WoW and DDO characters can be built, depending on their class, to be a tank, healer or damage dealer. In WoW I play healers more than any other role, though I have enough alts to have various options depending on the group make-up for a given dungeon run.

Dealing the damage

My main in WoW Classic is a Holy Paladin, a healer. His role in any dungeon is to heal the tank, heal other characters and to buff and otherwise help the group to win through challenges. I sometimes try and do some damage, or use the seal & judge combos to bring some utility like self-healing or mana-regen to a…

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