The Lost Gatekeepers

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U46: The Lost Gatekeepers was released for DDO on Thursday 23rd April 2020. This is a pack of 5 quests, playable level 3 & 32.

We had to give the new quests a try, obviously! Because our mains were at level 17, we dusted off some alts sitting at level 30.

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Shadows of the Ruinous Powers – Session 25

Dyson's Dodecahedron

(Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules.)

Session 25

Death on the Reik

  • Wilhelm [Wizard] – I 55
  • Wilfried [Forger] – I 53
  • Larry [Mercenary] – I 48
  • Gottlieb [Bounty Hunter] – I 43

The Bawdy Countess has been confiscated by Sergeant Kratz and 20 armed troops from Castle Wittgenstein and is now being kept at the river gate below the castle.
While dressing down the PCs and NPCs who let the boat be taken, Etelka Herzen starts tossing the PCs’ goods from their hotel room out the window and then leans out to demand that they turn over the warpstone to her.

In the ensuing battle with both Etelka and her weasel-like companion (none other than Ernst Heidelmann from session 1), one mercenary is summarily vapourized by…

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Cerge TR 9

Micki's Delirium

It’s been almost 2 years since Cerge’s last TR, and he hasn’t done any ER since then either. I decided it was time to give Maidae a chance to play at cap, and continue with Cerge’s TR plan. Cerge TR’d 2 days ago and here are his before and after pictures.

15 arti/ 5 rogue/ 10 epic                                           11 rogue/ 2 arti/ 1 barb

That’s all for this post.
Thank you for stopping by.

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Five Video Game Series I Love

Me Vs. Myself and I

Today is one of those days where I woke up and knew that I didn’t make any significant progress in any games the night before. I knew I didn’t have any concrete MTG brews lying around in drafts, and I hadn’t purchased anything worth talking about, be it hardware or software. As such, I did the rounds and found a new trending thing in the blogosphere. Credit has been given to Krikket for starting the idea, and because I didn’t have something else to write about today, I thank you.

I have more than five series that I can easily name that have had big influences on my life and gaming habits. The most memorable have stuck with me over the many real world changes I’ve experienced, and are still being produced today. There are a ton of alternatives I could have picked as well, because gaming has…

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Expertise Skill Hack


5th Edition D&D has a skill problem. It lies in a feature called expertise.

Expertise allows you to add your proficiency bonus twice when using a skill:

The expertise mechanic is fine. The problem is that only Rogues and Bards get expertise. On the surface, this makes sense because these are the “skill monkey” classes. In application, this allows them to be the “jack of all trades” while still being master of several.

As a result, some weird things happen. For example:

  • A Rogue can have a higher arcana skill than a Wizard.
  • A Bard can have a higher athletics skill than a Barbarian.

This can be true even if the Rogue/Bard does not invest in the underlying ability score!

The gap only grows larger as the characters level up, and the Rogue/Bard adds twice its proficiency bonus to the Wizard’s one.

We can probably all agree that these examples…

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Dungeons and Dragons in Quarantine

Many Welps

I’ve been a part of a weekly D &D group for a year and a half now. Friday nights are reserved for our campaign and we’ve more or less kept that schedule since I’ve joined. I met this particular group through an old workplace. At one point or another, everyone in the group was or still is working there. It used to be a great outlet for discussing frustrations at work but now it’s much more a way to keep in touch with friends I otherwise wouldn’t have.

Before the pandemic, we were in the middle of one of our longest Pathfinder campaigns since I’ve joined. It’s been going strong since last summer. Now that we’re in quarantine, we’ve decided to bring in a few more players and start a D & D 5e campaign.

It turns out, the online tools out there are much better suited for 5e than…

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Five Favorite Game Series

Many Welps

This topic has been traveling around the various blogs I follow this week. Krikket, Naithin, Paeroka,  and Roger have all shared their favorite series.

When thinking about series there are two that jumped out immediately to me: Pokemon and Monster Hunter. But for the reamiaing three, I really had to think about it. Games in a series were not coming to my mind mostly because I was thinking in terms of 1,2,3, ect. I haven’t played many games with that kind of numbering other than Borderlands. Borderlands is far from my favorite game let alone series. Then I realized, a lot of game series don’t have a numbering scheme. You might say this should have dawned on me when I identified Pokemon and Monster Hunter as a favorite series…..



I have nothing but good memories associated with Pokemon. Growing up it was THE game to…

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