Cannibal Halfling Radio Episode 6 – Distancing & Dragons

Cannibal Halfling Gaming

We’re all trying to stay sane these days, and for many of us that means gaming, but when staying safe means staying away how can we manage that? The Cannibal Halflings talk about how to take your tabletop roleplaying experience digital with options and advice for remote play. As for playing with whoever you’re quarantined with, we highlight a number of single-player and two-player games, and then talk tips for this very different style of play!

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GREYHAWK WARS: Mass Combat across the Flanaess (1991)

Wayne's Books

Greyhawk Wars kicks off with that fantastic cover art by Roger Raupp. A frequent artist in Dragon Magazine and Polyhedron, Raupp did relatively few works in (A)D&D sets and modules.

Cleared out some extra Greyhawk Wars sets I had in storage today. Opening them up for listing photos… well, I just kept on shooting.

“From the mad Malachite throne in Rauxes to the bejeweled city of Chendl, the Flanaess is at war! In the east, Overking Ivid V thirsts for conquest. Meanwhile, the Great God of the North unites the barbarians and Fists. And in the south, the Scarlet Brotherhood pulls the strings of war like a mad puppeteer…” – advertisement in Dungeon Magazine, issue 33 (Jan/Feb 1992)

See also:

Greyhawkery blog: What the Greyhawk Wars would’ve looked like if Iuz had defeated Furyondy!

Greyhawk Wars in the shop

Amazon  ~  DriveThruRPG

Greyhawk Wars box set 23

Greyhawk Wars [BOX SET]

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Shadows of the Ruinous Powers – Session 22

Dyson's Dodecahedron

(Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules.)

Session 22

Death on the Reik

  • Martin [Scout]
  • Wilfried [Fence]
  • Larry [Bodyguard]
  • Talbberry Grumble [Scribe]
  • Othmar [Charlatan]
  • Wilhelm [Wizard]
  • Gottlieb [Bounty Hunter]
  • Oscar Jager [Bodyguard]

The trip by canoe up the Narn to the Devil’s Bowl takes four days. The lands north of Unterbaum are a strange desolate wilderness with few signs of life other than evil-looking crows. As they travel further into the hills, the oaks begin to appear warped and twisted. The air becomes still and musty. Huge cobwebs span gnarled branches and whole groves of dead and dying trees dot the landscape – from their stricken limbs sprout obscene growths of red and purple fungi.

In the hills proper bare rocky outcrops thrust skywards between sparse clumps of…

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Raids week 167

Micki's Delirium

Raids 167 were Wednesday March 25 and Saturday March 28.

Since I’m a week behind on this post, and we’ve already done raids 168, I’m just going to post the screenshots, completion times and the loot this time.


1. Project Nemesis LH

Completion time: 23 min, 1 s. Loot: 84 nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate, The Hallowed Splinters, Ethereal Gaze and Key of Rhukaan Draal.

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Podcasts & Youtubers I follow regularly #Blapril2020


I’ve written before about the Podcasts that I try to listen to regularly, mainly relating to tabletop roleplaying games. Those mentioned in the linked post still stand, though I’d add a few new podcasts that I find particularly enjoyable.

We Speak Common

I really enjoy the insightful discussions this pair of UK-based D&D Dungeonmasters bring to the hobby. Lots of advice about the craft of running the game and good humour besides.


These are long episodes so I don’t always manage to keep up with them, but the two regular hosts, Greg & Shelly, are very entertaining to listen to, plus as an official podcast they get a really great selection of guests for their various segments.

Beyond podcasts, I also spend some time watching various Youtubers who talk about tabletop gaming topics:

Seth Skorkowsky

This Youtuber and author produces detailed video reviews of tabletop rpg modules, mostly…

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Compass Roses

Dyson's Dodecahedron

I generally don’t include any scale or direction markers on my maps because they are much more versatile without them – each end user can decide how to squeeze the map into their games, with the appropriate scale for the style of RPG or session in question.

But some of my commissioned work requires a compass rose – so I’ve been practicing various designs to see what I like best. Once this collection hits about a dozen, I’ll package them up with the backgrounds removed and send them out as an exclusive to all my patrons on Patreon so they can be added to maps as needed for your personal games.

This one is very similar thematically and structurally to the compass rose I used in some recent D&D releases – but redrawn from scratch for this project.

This is an alternate version to the skull one (still using the…

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D&D Diary – Waterdeep: Dragon Heist – Session 4

Game Night Blog

The Saviors, the players, and the DM get lost in the city of Waterdeep, but manage to find their way to the only game in town: The Yawning Portal.

Waterdeep Dragon Heist cover titleSadly, you will not be heisting any real dragons in the adventure. A “dragon” is the local slang for a gold piece. “Aw, we’re just stealing money? Again?”

When last we left our heroes, they had finally made it to the gates of Waterdeep after the world’s worst road trip. At the gate, they stumbled on some poor sap who was trying to smuggle invisible Trolls into the city. Things went downhill from there and there was some chaos, a little mayhem, a couple of explosions, and in the end, three dead trolls. And eight dead guards, but whatever, they’re expendable.

City Gate endOh sure, nobody cares about the dead trolls. They have rights too! I’m forming the Society for Protection of…

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