Keepsake: my mouse wasn’t made for walking

Later Levels

Although we love our video games here in this blogging circle, there are things we don’t like about them too. There’s at least one game mechanic which frustrates each us and causes us to swear at the screen each time we see it within a new release. So what’s yours?

There are a couple that exist for me. I’ve written before about how I really dislike character-switching and can’t enjoy titles where you’re forced to do it excessively (take Little Acre with its 19 switches in 90 minutes as an example). I also hate it when releases don’t make it clear they’re a sequel, so you enter them thinking you’re starting a new series and then end up having the story spoiled for you (if it wasn’t for Silence, I wouldn’t have been forced to play The Whispered World and had the experience ruined thanks to blatant foreshadowing).

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