Greatsword vs. Greataxe: One-Shot Kills


In the past, we’ve explored the damage output of a greatsword vs. greataxe. We’ve even examined how that damage is affected when you’re a Barbarian taking a multiclass dip in Champion (Fighter) for increased critical hit chance.

The Argument for Greataxe

A lot of how this math shakes out is going to depend on what you’re swinging at. There’s a school of thought that suggests the greataxe is actually better in application because a swingier weapon die (d12) is more likely to deal the top end damage that can fell your target in one blow. If true, this is an especially salient point, because feats like Great Weapon Master (GWM) allow you to make an extra attack when you deal fatal damage to a target. Two shots at dealing fatal damage is definitely better than one!

The Reality

Does the math support this theory?

The key level for…

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