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The Twin Norkers (tagged) The Twin Norkers (tagged)

Tucked in between the Barrister’s Guild and a warehouse of the Twin River Coaching Company on South Wall Street, the Twin Norkers is a tavern with very mixed clientele and multiple rooms to serve them all in. It is a popular if quiet place for lunch, but in the evenings it can roar with all four serving rooms full of customers ranging from teamsters to coachmen and travellers to barristers and their well-paying clients.

The main floor is half stone construction (to about 4 feet) and then wood construction above. The basement is masonry over stone and dirt. A large fireplace heats both rooms on the ground floor as well as providing cooking space in the kitchen.

The Twin Norkers (untagged) The Twin Norkers (untagged)

The ground floor is split into two main serving rooms divided by the kitchen & fireplace. The east side is generally quieter than the west…

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