Freedom to fall


Older MMORPGs, or at least older content in long-lived games,  tended to not molly-coddle players. One way this was manifested is in the many ways your character could die from a fall. World of Warcraft Classic has killer lifts, high bridges and higher dungeon levels with no safety walls – all with nasty or even deadly damage should you make a misstep.

Autorunning off a Thunder Bluff mesa is a *bad* idea

The lifts in Thunder Bluff, the Barrens/Thousand Needles border all offer convenience, but also the bonus of a chance to plummet to your character’s death. Some have a particular reputation as character-killers. The Undercity and Gnomeregan lifts are a necessity for reaching underground places, though their design leaves the chance of an untimely demise if you mistime jumping on them, or you manage to glitch a ride. Just try getting on the Undercity lift as a Tauren mounted…

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