Mythic Classes of the Odyssey


Mythic Classes of the Odyssey introduces 13 new subclasses to support your Greek-inspired D&D setting! Enjoy powerful new class options for every class in the game, pulling inspiration directly from Greek myth.

Theros Coverpage

Here’s some brief descriptions of the subclasses in this offering:


Odyssey Subclass




Employ combat calculus to make precision strikes from range, lock on targets, and blow stuff up. No additional math required.


Path of the Amazon

Gain magnificent combat prowess granted by Hippolyta’s Girdle, Antiope’s Bracers, Melanippe’s Greaves, and Penthesilea’s Diadem.


College of Theater

Study different disciplines such as comedy, tragedy, romance, thrillers, and the absurd. Use stagecraft and costumes to make the world your stage!


Psychopomp Domain

Guide or abate the passage of souls to the afterlife.


Circle of Nymphs

Charm and illusions are the domain of these feylike druids who can call upon the elemental power of different…

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