The Old Fort Ruins & Dungeon

Dyson's Dodecahedron

There are ruins scattered in the Ebony Oaks from the War of Three Dragons – old forts, camps, and watch towers destroyed or abandoned since the war.

The Old Fort Ruins & Dungeon The Old Fort Ruins & Dungeon

This old fort has been nearly razed – no standing wall is over eight feet tall and many sections have been completely grown over. The stairs leading down to the chambers beneath are open to the sky, and rainwater has filled the first chamber downstairs to a depth of a foot or two. A section of the lower chambers has collapsed, leaving a sunken trench within the ruins above.

The Old Fort Ruins & Dungeon The Old Fort Ruins & Dungeon (no grid)

As the Ebony Oaks is slowly being colonized by the aranea, the ruins of the old fort are home to colonies of giant spiders and a few aranea allies have tried to make some of chambers beneath “comfortable”.

This map…

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