D&D DIARY – Dragon of Icespire Peak – Session 2

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The Menagerie invites a new member to the join the band, who manages to derail the entire group within 10 minutes.

Icespire Cover3When last we left our Menagerie, a new band of heroes has come to the quaint village of Phandalin in search of adventure. Upon entering town, they distinguished themselves by saving the stable master’s son following a dragon attack. Exhausted from the road, and from nearly being eaten by a nasty Frost Dragon, they head to the only Inn in town, The Stonehill Inn. (Previously, the other inn in town burned to the ground during the course of The Lost Mine of Phandelver.)

In the Inn, they have a perfectly perfunctory and boring conversation with the innkeeper who gives them a rumor for possible future adventure that they immediately forget about. The innkeeper also mentions that there is another traveller seeking a group to join and journey with…

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