Welcome to my Twitch Channel!

That Green Dude

Hey everyone! As many of you know I started live streaming a few weeks ago and I have been having a blast with it. I realised something a few days ago, I haven’t properly introduced my Twitch channel on my blog.

My Twitch channel has the same name as my Twitter, ThatGreenDude95. On my channel you can expect me to play games from many genres such as; platformers, beat em ups, action adventure, open world games and RPGs.

twitch banner1.1

Why I started streaming

I honestly didn’t get streaming for a while until I watched Maximilian Dood’s channel. It finally clicked why streaming was good, the community aspect and being able to share the gaming experience with people. Streaming allows people to play games and at the same time build a community and make memories with.

After watching Max’s streams I decided that one day I wanted to stream. I wanted…

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