Tanking with a dagger?


There are certain fantasy stereotypes that can be observed, or challenged, by the games I play. One such trope is the “Sword and Board” tank character – the protector of the adventuring party with a sword and shield. We were pushing our way through Blackrock Depths again in World of Warcraft Classic when it was commented that our Warrior tank had been fighting for some levels with a dagger as her weapon.

Something automatic in my mind thought this was odd and that a more formidable weapon would be needed, in my imagination at least, to keep the attention of foes off of the rest of the group. Daggers are a rogue weapon first and foremost, a stealthy and concealable weapon, no?

Then thinking more about this I remembered the tank characters that I’ve played that didn’t fit to the stereotype, my Tauren Warrior for example. I last played him…

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