Just because I’m playing your game doesn’t mean I endorse it

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I always feel that whenever I get into playing a certain MMO, then the pressure is on to defend and promote it. After all, if I’m spending my time playing, then that’s a tacit endorsement of the game and all it stands for, right?

Yet that’s not the truth, and I find myself irked when I or others pressure me into behaving this way. You can like a game and play a game without 100% approving of all it is, the studio behind it, and the developer’s design philosophy. I’ve long come to realize that no game is above reproach; there are always areas to criticize and dislike. I just figure that if there’s more to like than not, then you’ll probably be playing it; if it’s the other way around, it’s not worth the time. But I’m not going to assume much past that.

In fact, some of an…

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