Zoom level in MMOs


A post over at Going Commando about comparing raid runs six years apart had a reference to Shintar having changed the level of zoom she plays with noticeably from the first run to the second. Playing zoomed out more seems to be a common requirement of raids in several MMORPGs: I have noticed how far zoomed out my husband has World of Warcraft when raiding on the retail game. It can be quite jarring just how different the same game looks at the extreme ends of the zoom control, I often have thought it almost feels like I’m playing an real-time strategy game of some kind when I’m max zoomed out in WoW.

I normally play any MMO on a short-medium zoom level. It pays in most games to be actively observing around your character at least some-what, so I’ve never gotten used to playing in first-person or as zoomed…

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