A Handful of Magic Items 17

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matthew-manard-potionbottlefourPicture credit: Matthew Manard

We’re back with the seventeenth installment of A Handful of Magic Items! I went for a trio of consumables for a few reasons this time around. First and foremost, balance is less of an issue with consumables. Even if your players have access to something maybe a little beyond their level, if you only give them one, once they use it its gone. Second, and building off of the first, it should feel great when they use it! They will accomplish some tough task, say “it’s a good thing we found that item!”, and be thrilled. And then it’s no longer a problem for you as a DM! So without further ado, here’s our items:

Phial of Ice
A Phial of Ice can be used in different ways. However it is used, the phial empties and is no longer magical. As an action, you can use…

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