Trove of Wonders: 5e Artificer & Wizard Subclasses

Spellhawks Press

* The following blog post is play test material written from Spellhawks Press authors. They are intended  for home brew and fun but have not gone through final editing to be published through the OGL.

For easier viewing here is a pdf document Trove of Wonders

Artificer Specialization: Aeronaut

Aeronauts are artificers who have used a blend of science and magic to design a flying apparatus that allows them to soar through the skies. The wind, sky, and stars are your domain as you soar across the horizon. 

Tool Proficiency 

3rd level aeronaut feature

When you adopt the aeronaut specialization at third level you gain proficiency in Weavers’ and Navigators’ Tools.  If you already have proficiency in either tool kit  you gain one other tool proficiency of your choice. 

Aeronaut Spell List 

3rd level aeronaut feature

 You always have certain spells prepared after you reach particular levels, as shown…

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