What if Later Levels wasn’t about video games?

Later Levels

Here’s a question for bloggers: what would you do if you were no longer able to write about the current subject for your site? Would you take the decision to start again by finding a new topic of interest and, if so, what would you then cover?

This was the conundrum posed to the nominees for a Mystery Blogger Award by The Night Owl from The Late Night Session back in April. I’ve found it one of the most interesting and hardest questions to respond to so far because, since Later Levels started over three years ago, I’ve hardly ever deviated from the subject of video games. Occasionally I’ve posted something about blogging itself and have also written a couple of posts for other blogs about different areas, but I return to gaming consistently.

Locked In A Room, team, lab coats, Kim, Joel, Jake, Pete, Tim, GeekOut South-West

Perhaps I could write about escape rooms instead? As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve grown…

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