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I’m very happy to announce that my second Dungeons & Dragons adventure is now published on the DMs Guild website: Whispering Shadows. This is the sequel to my shorter introductory adventure, Chasing Shadows.

In constrast to the cross-country chase of the first installment, Whispering Shadows is a cavern exploration adventure. I’ve worked to anchor it firmly in the Eberron setting, to add flavour and motivation to this cave-delving scenario. There is plenty of combat, though it is sometimes entirely avoidable, plus some mysteries and puzzles to stretch the adventurers minds as well as their combat skills.

This adventure took a good amount of time to write as it is longer at 34 pages (versus 25), and more complex plot-wise. I was fortunate to have a playtest group to play through the entire thing as I was editing it. The layout work can be very time-consuming, I may have…

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