Freedom to fall


Older MMORPGs, or at least older content in long-lived games,  tended to not molly-coddle players. One way this was manifested is in the many ways your character could die from a fall. World of Warcraft Classic has killer lifts, high bridges and higher dungeon levels with no safety walls – all with nasty or even deadly damage should you make a misstep.

Autorunning off a Thunder Bluff mesa is a *bad* idea

The lifts in Thunder Bluff, the Barrens/Thousand Needles border all offer convenience, but also the bonus of a chance to plummet to your character’s death. Some have a particular reputation as character-killers. The Undercity and Gnomeregan lifts are a necessity for reaching underground places, though their design leaves the chance of an untimely demise if you mistime jumping on them, or you manage to glitch a ride. Just try getting on the Undercity lift as a Tauren mounted…

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Blapril Lessons Learned – Again

Many Welps


Another month-long blogging event is almost in the books. It’s been yet another great experience for me personally and I’ll miss the constant content to read through every day. As always, a big thank you  Belghast for putting on another fun-filled event. And thanks to everyone who participated for giving me some awesome content to read this month!

In this final week of Blapril, the topic turns to self-reflection and lessons learned.

Earlier this week I did something I haven’t done in a very long time. I went through and updated information on my sidebar,  About page, and Games Beaten page. My about page hadn’t been updated since May 29th 2016 which is the day I started this whole thing. I also went through and cleared up some categories and tags on my old posts starting at the beginning.

Then I got curious and started reading my old posts…

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Using Fanfiction Tropes to Maneuver Canon in Roleplaying Games

Cannibal Halfling Gaming

Let’s face it, some of the most popular RPGs out there are part of popular franchises. It’s hardly something to complain about. Roleplaying comes out of investment in a story, and a lot of things that hook people is a universe in which they are already immersed. I don’t believe that it is an accident that we’ve written a number of articles that include the Star Wars, Mistborn, and Witcher RPGs, nor that there are numerous iterations of RPGs based off of pop culture phenomena (I am personally aware of Buffy, Firefly and Doctor Who RPGs) as well as my personal experience with GMs use Genesys as a universal system to build games in the Harry Potter and the Stormlight Archive universes. Even for systems that were always games first there is an impressive amount of lore that has been generated over the years in novels, such as the adventures…

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Welcome to the Twin Norkers!

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Twin Norkers (tagged) The Twin Norkers (tagged)

Tucked in between the Barrister’s Guild and a warehouse of the Twin River Coaching Company on South Wall Street, the Twin Norkers is a tavern with very mixed clientele and multiple rooms to serve them all in. It is a popular if quiet place for lunch, but in the evenings it can roar with all four serving rooms full of customers ranging from teamsters to coachmen and travellers to barristers and their well-paying clients.

The main floor is half stone construction (to about 4 feet) and then wood construction above. The basement is masonry over stone and dirt. A large fireplace heats both rooms on the ground floor as well as providing cooking space in the kitchen.

The Twin Norkers (untagged) The Twin Norkers (untagged)

The ground floor is split into two main serving rooms divided by the kitchen & fireplace. The east side is generally quieter than the west…

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AD&D module I3: Interiors

Wayne's Books

Andrej B. showed me these interesting differences between 2 copies of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module I3 – Pharaoh in his collection. They are different colors inside.

The modules have two cover folders with maps inside of the various adventuring locations. The interior of one folder is brown, the other blue. With these 2 modules, however, the colors are reversed.

Otherwise, they seem identical.

I3 color printings 1

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Defining a Gamer…

Conjuring Candles

Artwork of a grey, vertical rectangular box. The top half reads "Atari 2600. E.T.* The Extra-Terrestrial". The bottom half displays a drawn image of a brown alien with a large head and long neck beside a young boy in a red, hooded jacket. Cover art for E.T the Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari 2600 (My first console game-*shudder*)

**Note: This blog has been posted with loving permission from my daughter who admits that she was owned on the video game list, but who will still will not admit that I’m a gamer.

This week has been an enlightening one for me in the world of gaming and youth culture. Turns out, I’m old. I’m an old gamer, or maybe I’m not—a gamer that is—depending on whom you ask. We always have the most interesting and fun conversations at dinner, and according to my Gen-Z daughter, turns out, that I’m not a gamer, because I don’t play Overwatch

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Seaside Passage

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The cliffs of Shu-Qune on the Black Sphinx Bay make landings there difficult, but are riddled with small caves and passages. Most of these caves are a few dozen feet deep before they dead-end or form tight chimneys launching spray up the stony embankments above, but some either naturally pierce the stones, or have been modified by hand or magic to do so.

Seaside Passage Seaside Passage

These caves were natural low-ceilinged caves that were then expanded in certain places to make them more easily passable and were once used by the local fishermen who would keep their coracles in the caves and push them out to sea from there.

Near the main entrance into the caves is a shrine to the water gods and spirits of the region –  a collection of minor demons & elemental princes who’s fickle attentions the fishermen tried to distract via the shrine so they would…

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Have You Ever – Gaming Edition

Gaming Omnivore

I’ve seen a few of these kind of posts around WordPress recently, the gaming edition sounded especially fun, so I thought I would give it a try. Let’s see how many of these things I’ve done in my years of playing video games. Let’s start with, have I ever…

Rage quit a game

Plenty of times, there will be times where I’m way too anxious or impatient to play a particular game, so it can often end in me saying “enough of this shit! I’m gonna play something else”. This is most often the case with online multiplayer games. Rage quitting games doesn’t happen quite as often now, I guess I’m just getting better at games as I get older…or just more stubborn.

Earned all trophies/achievements in a game

Yes, though I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an achievement/trophy hunter. The games I’ve gotten all the achievements or platinum trophies for…

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