3 Alternate D&D Character Creation rules

The Nerdd

Your character is a very important piece of the game for each player. It’s you! It’s the person that you’ve chosen to play this game as, and the point of view you’ve chosen.

Sometimes, you build your character to be like another character in fiction, like Tulok the Barbarian (link to his Witcher build). Sometimes, your character is a self-insert, the truest version of yourself that you can create (I’m a Half Elf Fighter/Bard). Either way, sometimes the basic, vanilla rules in the Players Handbook don’t quite feel right.

There are a myriad of reasons to play with some alternate rules when making your character, here are a few that I’ve found that I enjoy.

Disclaimer: Your Dungeon Master MUST approve of these rules before you can use them. Always ask permission first.

Class Based Stat Mods

A creator on itch.io named Gabe James Games, created a pay-what-you-like module for…

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