How Microsoft Convinced Me To Buy a PS5

Mega Dads

By: Chris Berto

Back in 2013, the Xbox brand as we know it today was in a very different state of mind. With “always online,” mandatory Kinect connectivity, and the blocking of used games being the headlines of their reveal event, to say that Microsoft stumbled out of the gate would be a gross understatement.

Don Mattrick, the President of the Xbox division at that time even went so far as to say that people who didn’t like or want the proposed changes already had a device that could use, referring to the Xbox 360, which at the time was still the dominate console on the market. It didn’t take long for fans, influencers, and the gaming press to react to the news, and the sales figures quickly mirrored the sentiment of many, this was not the next-generation Xbox experience that many were anticipating.

Xbox Boss Says Buy Xbox 360 - Business Insider

Enter, Phil Spencer! Just one year…

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