Spell-Eater’s Spring

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Under the hills of Pantesh are a number of old springs that no longer bring water to the lands above. These days farmers dig deep wells to access the ancient waters, or they have moved to the rivers that frame this hilly land.

If you know where to look, if you can feel the shape of the land, you can find the remains of the old springs. Nazare Spell-Eater, a nut-brown druid from Seven Marches, found her way to this spring and summoned elementals of the stone and water to sculpt it into a natural temple.

Spell-Eater's Spring Spell-Eater’s Spring

As the waters receded, they left steps in the stone which she leveled, and gaps in the stone which she expanded and smoothed. But that was during the early days of the wars, and much has been lost or forgotten in the century since.

Now this temple to stone and water lies…

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