D&D Diary – Waterdeep: Dragon Heist – Session 6

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The Saviors infiltrate a Xanathar hideout, find their quarry, but then seriously underestimate a mind flayer.

Waterdeep Dragon Heist cover titleWhen last we left our heroes, they had accepted a simple quest to find a missing man. Little did they know that they would soon be thrust into the middle of a ruthless gang war, with several factions all fighting for the same thing; to steal over a half a million in gold.

While drinking at the renowned Yawning Portal Inn, they met the indelible Volo. From Volo they learned that his friend, Floon, has gone missing after a night of carousing. Following a trail of breadcrumbs left by a jerk DM, they wound up in a warehouse that was the site of a bloody massacre.

Kenku AmbushThis is one of my favorite pics in the book, I love the skewed perspective and hidden danger. But the halfling is so disturbing. Did she escape…

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