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Having slain the werewolf Snarla and her besmitten lover Burket, the party set about barricading the north (unexplored) door and the south door they came through. The corpses of the odd couple were tossed unceremoniously into the slick cylinder, dumping them on the far side.

Orgrush the half-orc kept watch through the arrow slit. The rest of the party attempted to rest.

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Wandering monsters

2020-6-8 b

A short rest was achieved, but wandering monsters arrived to interrupt the party’s long rest. Orgrush heard a clanging and a thump, followed by a moan. A wight tumbled out of the cylinder, and began scratching at the door, before noticing the handle. The second thumped out of the chute. Before it could join its comrade, Orgrush stuck a spear through the slit, squarely sticking the second wight. It seemed little affected, yanking…

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