PS5 “The Future of Gaming” Reveal Recap

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Holy shit.

Sony finally came out with guns blazing. Thursday June 11th marked their “Future of Gaming” event which should showcase everything PS5 related. For one hour and some change, viewers worldwide were blasted with trailer after trailer, spec after spec, and developer insight after developer insight.

I’m going to try my best to not sound like a fanboy, but boy was I on the verge of tears. Gaming is forever.

Anyways, let’s recap.

New Design, Who This?

We finally got a look at the fifth generation of PlayStation. Pretty sure if you go on social media the memes are hot on the new console’s design. In my opinion, it looks weird. I like the white color as it’s such a contrast to years of having the standard black color scheme. It’s just the design is weird, especially in the top part of the console. In Sony’s defense, the haven’t…

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