I’ll Review Anything: PlayStation 5 “Future of Gaming” Event

3rd World Geeks

Sorry for posting this review at a rather belated time. In this century, delivering one’s thoughts on something new a couple of days after something has happened is considered too late. But the Sony PlayStation 5 “Future of Gaming” showcase started at four in the morning where I am, which is the Philippines. This meant the entire show ended after five in the AM. Even though I’m night owl, I really needed some sleep by then!

I did manage to stay awake and watched the entire “Future of Gaming” program but I couldn’t muster the strength to write up my impressions right after to give a prompt post. Better late than never, I guess. So, did Sony show us enough evidence that the PlayStation 5 is indeed the, quote, “future of gaming,” unquote? Well, kinda.

I guess you can just watch the entire show since I’m embedding it above but…

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