History of Gaming Consoles

The Nerdd

Last week, we saw the new designs for the PlayStation 5, and the new Xbox Series X, to mixed results. Personally, I don’t much care what a console looks like, but how it performs. Other people, however, used it as an opportunity to make some good memes.

I thought about how, being a 25 year old, I wasn’t around during the first console wars, the first time I remember people arguing about which console was better, was when the PS3 and the Xbox 360 came out.

As a note, the “wars” are just how new consoles come out close to each other, also known as “generations,” and is fun to choose different consoles and have brand loyalty. The Nerdd doesn’t support actual anger regarding different consoles. Besides, PC is the Master Race anyway.

First Generation

The first generation was the creation of home video games. These were primarily Plug-n-Play type…

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