Why the PlayStation 5 With the Drive is the Model for Me

3rd World Geeks

When Sony had their PlayStation 5 showcase last week, I honestly didn’t expect them to reveal the design at the very end. I didn’t expect them to just tag on what the actual console would look like at the very end. So I was indeed very surprised with, not only how the PlayStation 5 looked, but at how “futuristic” Sony designed the system. I looked at some of the YouTube comments of the video and I totally agree with that one guy who said it looks like a WiFi router with its fins and all.

But the thing that truly caught me off guard was Sony slyly just quickly announcing they were coming out with two models of the PlayStation 5. One with the Blu-Ray drive and one without. The “Digital Edition” will remove the drive and gamers will have to purchase games online from the PlayStation Store.

A console…

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