The Inverted Trope

The Nerdd

Storytelling, like any artform, is constantly growing and changing. One of the strongest mediums we have today for telling stories is in movies and TV shows. I’ve noticed a very interesting trend lately with our favorite movies and TV that I wanted to explore today. It’s the Inverted Trope.

When people think of action heroes, they think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Sylvester Stallone. These are all lone wolves, who have to let go of all restraints to save the day. Often times they are all alone, and might even have to sacrifice themselves for others.

When people think of fantasy/superheroes, they think of Superman, Ripley, or Indiana Jones. These are charismatic heroes that easily defeat the villain, get the girl, and are an inspiration to us all. James Bond can also fall into this category.

However, many of these heroes or characters came from the ’80s, a time…

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