In a maze of the dead…

Dyson's Dodecahedron

A maze of the dead

There is gold in the maze – it litters the floor and you can just pick up coin after coin as you run through the halls.

And you will run – because the maze is haunted by three fierce and jealous specters (and a fourth slightly less fierce spectre). At four points in the maze there are fonts of holy oil, each containing a small amount that can temporarily enchant a weapon to deal with these spectres.

A Maze of the Dead A Maze of the Dead

In the centre of the structure is a single large chamber where the corpses of spectres still rest. While the spectres are bound to this room in their way (when destroyed by holy weapons they reform here), they are not bound to the corpses any longer, and misguided attempts to disrupt the spectres by despoiling the corpses only lead to being trapped in the room where they form.

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