Where does your MMORPG character call home?


What guides you in giving your MMORPG characters a home? Is it just a practical choice of convenience or whereever their hearthstone/recall/return ability is currently bound to? Or is there a more sentimental or character-driven reasoning behind such a choice?

Synchronised hearthstoning

For me there isn’t a single or easy answer to this question. Granted I have lots of characters spread across many games, and the answer I give for one game is not the same as the answer for another game.

World of Warcraft, the pragmatist

For the most part in World of Warcraft, I’m take a pragmatic approch to a character’s home. It is normally set in the major city for the current expansion, or if in the vanilla level-range the most convenient city to travel around (e.g. always Ironforge, never Stormwind).

In Classic: always Ironforge, never Stormwind

In expansions past I’ve sometimes based an alt in a…

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