Light and Vision Tables


Some confusion is understandable when managing dark environments in 5th Edition D&D. There’s a few different rules you need to put together, and your roll can be affected differently depending on whether you’re trying to see or attacking. Plus, it may not be the same for each player!

In order to simplify that process, here’s a couple tables that can assist you in play. It’s not a bad idea to print them out and tape them to your DM screen, if for no other purpose than to remind you to use lighting to set the mood.

Seeing in Darkness

Light and Vision breaks down like this:

  • Lightly obscured means you have disadvantage to see it.
  • Heavily obscured means you can’t see it.

  • Dim light is lightly obscured (disadvantage).
  • Darkness is heavily obscured (can’t see).

One of 5e’s most misunderstood rules is darkvision. Many players figure that if you…

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