Infinite Caves of the Shroom-Goblins (part 1)

Dyson's Dodecahedron

It’s Friday, and I’m not posting one of my own maps. That’s right, emergency resuscitation gear is available. Ages ago (well, back in December at least) JDJarvis of Aeons & Auguries posted a hex-based tesseract-like dungeon with a challenge to stock it. The relevant post is here.

I love this map because it is both simple and grotesquely complex – it will be damn near impossible to map for the first while as the characters and players try to make sense of the strangely looping and warping passages that lead back to areas they have already explored. It makes me think of the small world of doors from the old Tool video, while also seeming like the perfect world for the goblins of the Labyrinth movie to live in. (Dance magic dance!)

The Tesseract Caves of the Shroom Goblins

The goblins of these caves are a unique species, having more in common with mushrooms than they have…

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