[Random Thursday] Lost Cities of the Fallen Empire

Dyson's Dodecahedron

B4 - The Lost City

Lost Cities, Fallen Empires, entire civilizations no longer in decline – but leaving us with nothing but the ruins of their former homes to explore. These are classic themes and settings for pulp adventures and well suited to any role playing game. One of the original D&D modules explores this very theme (B4 – the Lost City).

In my campaign setting, there are many “lost cities”. Cities struck down either during the first or second great wars between the Kale and their former slave races (the second of which the Kale lost), or that were lost by the Kale during their descent as a great inter-planar empire in the centuries leading up to the second war.

City Location (d12)

  1. Far out in a natural desert, half buried in sand.
  2. In a wasteland created by the forces of chaos that destroyed the city.
  3. In a pocket dimension, cut off from the…

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