The History of VR and VR Gaming

The Nerdd

With Iron Man VR having just come out, I wanted to take a look at how Virtual Reality gaming has advanced over the years, and what we can expect from the future of VR. Also, we recently looked at the history of Video Game Consoles in general, and with the 9th generation having been recently announced, perhaps there will be more advancements in the world of Virtual Reality as well.

If you (somehow) are unfamiliar with VR, it usually is based on a headset that you put over your eyes, wherein there are two little screens that you look at. The headset keeps track of where you are and where you’re looking, so that it confuses your brain and you perceive whats on the screen as your actual reality. This video should help:

So hopefully now you have a brief understanding of VR.


One of the first instances of…

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