What do you do when your idea to gain new players has a flaw

Deez Wurds

I was thinking about this whole new idea. Level cap squish to 60, because getting from 1 to 130 seems daunting. Actually I think too that 130 seems like an odd number too. But anyway, so you’ve stripped the amount of levels in half 1-60. Seems much more reasonable. And with level scaling anyone can pick and choose where they get their starts, and can level anywhere they want too. Sounds perfect. Look at those gear reward upgrades, why that new piece of gear is a whole 2 iLvLs higher than what you have currently. Surely that must be better.

While I’m thinking about gear levels I should point out that the garrison rewards for missions still to this day say you will get a piece of 700 gear. Even though when you get the reward it’s only around 120, maybe, and this may be crazy talk, someone should update…

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