Animate Objects Fix


Rumor holds the Animate Objects spell was inspired by the Sorcerer’s Apprentice short from Disney’s Fantasia (1940), where Mickey animates brooms to carry his water.

Animate Objects is a 5th level spell in D&D 5th Edition that turns objects in your environment into weapons. DM David recently observed that this spell suffers from two mechanical issues:

  • Tiny objects are always the best option.
  • Numerous attacks grind combat to a halt.

Thankfully, both of these problems are fixable. Let’s unpack the spell and see what we can do to tweak it. Our goal here is not necessarily to come up with a solution (we do), but to give you the tools to understand and adjust the spell to your taste.

How It Works

The spell animates a certain number of objects based on their size:

  • Tiny and Small targets count as one object,
  • Medium targets count as two objects,
  • Large targets…

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