Gathering that gold


We’ve had a particularly rewarding few days of Emissary rewards in World of Warcraft retail. Today saw the second set of gold Emissary rewards Alliance-side in as many days – we had gold Emissaries for both factions a couple of days ago. At the moment in these dog-days of the Battle for Azeroth expansion, doing the particularly rewarding Emissary runs on all the alts is one of the activities that is relaxed fun.

Today’s gold Emissary was the Tortollan one, easier to do on the one hand as it only requires three not four world quests to tick off. That said if often requires slightly fiddly quests that can be quite an annoyance, this expansions equivalent of Legion’s Kirin Tor world quests – love them or hate them.

The two natural balance quests are easy enough, Cycle of Life and Beachhead. Make Loh Go is super easy and…

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