D&D Diary – Waterdeep: Dragon Heist – Session 7

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The Saviors settle into life in the big city. They open a tavern, invent popcorn, fall into the Thieves’ Guild, and meet a strange man with an unusual hamster.

Waterdeep Dragon Heist cover titleI might feel bad about always leaving Manshoon out of this picture if he wasn’t such a wanker.

When last we left our heroes, they had completed a quest to rescue a man from a band of thugs that were hiding in the sewers. Along the way, they saved the Lord’s son, Renaer Neverember, got caught in the middle of a gang war, and incurred the wrath of a nightmarish monster called a Mind Flayer, but let’s skip all that for now.

Mind FlayerRevenge is a dish best serve cold. So cold that my players will have completely forgotten about this guy by the time he unleases his dastardly plan.

Today’s session is a “Downtime” session that occurs in between big…

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