Microsoft Details How the Xbox Series X Achieves Its Storage Performance

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Microsoft has revealed some new data about how the Xbox Series X will utilize its advanced, high-speed storage capacity and some of the GPU efficiency enhancements we can expect to see. Some of these technological developments could have a direct bearing on the future of PC GPU technology, particularly if they were developed in partnership with AMD.

Microsoft’s latest blog post details what it calls the Velocity Architecture. The first section of the blog just steps over the data we already know, as far as speeds and feeds are concerned: 12TFLOPs, 16GB of RAM, >4x the CPU performance of the Xbox One, and so on. The Velocity Architecture is made of four components: A custom NVMe SSD, hardware-accelerated decompression blocks, a new DirectStorage API layer, and a brand-new technology dubbed Sampler Feedback Streaming. It’s this last that looks so interesting as a potential PC technology.

The SSD delivers 2.4GB/s of…

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